What is the VRV Philosophy?

The VRV philosophy is simple, we want our teardrop owners to experience hassle-free adventure. Whether you hike, paddle, rock climb, or just enjoy being outdoors for some quiet, we know that having an RV that is that is functional and easy to load up and go to any destination you choose. Our small teardrop trailers accomplish all that!

VRV Teardrop designs: 5 important Principles

1. Durability

Our goal is to design and build small teardrop trailers with a durable structural frame that allows the RV to withstand towing and hauling stresses. All of our units come standard with an all-welded, all-aluminum frame as opposed to the standard steel frame practice in the industry. You can be confident that your custom teardrop trailer will stand the test of time.

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2. Simple and Functional Floor Plans

The VRV ECO and Flyer teardrop model’s simple, yet functional floor plans make the unit easy to use and maintain. Winterizing is a breeze as well.   

3. Reduce Costs

Every unit contains simple, yet functional components and finishes that reduce mechanical breakdown and maintenance. Quite simply put, the VRV philosophy is to make it as hassle-free as possible.

4. Versatility

The VRV philosophy is that everyone should have the opportunity to experience adventure. In the past, hauling an RV meant you had to have a large towing vehicle. With a small teardrop trailer by VRV, smaller, more efficient vehicles can haul our ECO and Flyer models because of the smaller and lighter coach boxes.

5. Hold Its Value

Exteriors that stand up to the effects of UV Light and Weather. We use solid sheets of high-alloy sheet metal for our exteriors. Not only does this allow for us to seamlessly weld it to the frame, but aluminum also resists corrosion from the elements. Your lightweight camper will look great for years to come and hold its value.

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We Have You in Mind

To sum up the VRV philosophy, it’s about you. We know that you want your camper to withstand rugged terrain, provide some creature comforts, stand the test of time, and be ready to head out on the open road at a moment’s notice. 

Why own an RV that requires more effort and maintenance than it returns in fun? Owners of VRVs small teardrop trailers enjoy carefree outdoor RV experiences. Let us help you design your adventure teardrop so you can begin making memories.  

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